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Christmas Letters from Santa - arriving from North Pole!

Christmas letters from Santa for children

Kids of all age around the world get super excited with the thought of Christmas arriving & the gifts that they expect to get from Santa Claus on Christmas.


Here's your chance to make your child's Christmas extremely special & memorable this year. Now you can arrange for a special, absolutely personalized letter for your child from Santa Claus, arriving from the North Pole with your child's name inscribed on the letter, as a recipient.

Imagine witnessing the joy & happiness on your child's face when he receives a letter in which Santa Claus is addressing him/her by his/her name. The letter will be having a stamp from North Pole & will be packed in a authentically plausible looking envelope.

Though Christmas letters from Santa are delivered worldwide, but this facility of ordering authentic Christmas letters from Santa stamped from the North Pole are only available for individuals who are currently residing in certain countries/regions of the world. 

Only the current residents or citizens of the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and EU(Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Malta). Please click here to know more.

Order Christmas letters from Santa from anywhere in the world with VPN.

If you are not a current resident of USA, UK, EU, Australia or Canada & want to get the Christmas letter from Santa for you child, you can still get it. (Please click here to read in detail about how you can use a VPN).

In short, you can book a Christmas letter from Santa by using an IP address or logging in from a server which is based out of any of the above mentioned countries by using a VPN service. Please click here to use a VPN service for FREE to order an authentic Christmas letter from Santa stamped from the North Pole.

Personalized Christmas letters from Santa

These letters will be minutely personalized for your child. The letter that you can get here for your child will be having:-

1) the name,

2) age,

3) home town,

4) name of best friend and/or relative and

5) make reference to special accomplishments, achievements, milestones reached, good behavior & act of kindness to others by your child.

Santa knows everything! He will even know where to deliver the letter if the child is away from home for Christmas celebrations. Worldwide delivery of Christmas letter from Santa is available

Best Christmas gift from Santa Claus for your kid!

So what are you waiting for? You can check it out yourself by, please, clicking here. Let this year's Christmas be the best one till date for your child with his fantasies about Santa Claus coming true!

You can make your child's dreams about communication with Santa Claus into a reality when Santa Claus will talk to, appreciate your child through a customized letter that you can arrange for your child this Christmas, by clicking here.

It will be a Happy New Year, for your child.

Imagine how magical your child's New Year will be this year! Your child's New Year celebrations for 2021 will start from 25th December. And you can get this done for your child, this year, very easily by getting him a personalized Christmas letter from Santa Claus! Please click here to know more.

This has been a forgettable year with the Corona Virus Pandemic having engulfed almost the entire year in totality. But you can sign this year off on a good note!

You can be your child's hero by making this Christmas for your child the best till date! Imagine the happiness that you see in his/her eyes when she/he sees his/her name in the letter which has a stamp from North Pole!

A Christmas letter directly from Santa Claus stamped/arriving from the North Pole in which Santa addresses your child by his/her name, appreciates his/her achievements, boosts his/her morale & encourages him/her.