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How to browse blocked websites by using VPN? FREE Trial VPN

What is a VPN? What is the full form of VPN?

VPN is Virtual Private Network. It helps to maintain anonymity of the user while browsing the web. VPN helps to maintain anonymity means that the IP address of the user cannot be tracked if he is using a VPN.

The user could be in Connecticut in the US but his presence could be shown in New Jersey or Birmingham in the UK or Romania or any country that the user chooses where the VPN service which he/she is using has it's servers located.

What is the definition of a VPN?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a service which builds a secure, encrypted channel between the user(browsing the internet using his device like phone/computer/tablet) and the remote server of the VPN located anywhere in the world ensuring anonymity of the user.

The user cannot be tracked while browsing the internet if he is using a VPN. He browses the internet anonymously. If someone tries to find out where the user is located then he can be led in to believing(by the user himself), that his current location is at some other remote site in the world. his remote site is chosen by the user

The exact location & IP address will not be revealed, though. The VPN service will have a list of servers present in different parts of the world. The user can choose a server from the list.

For eg. let's say a user is based out of a small town area near Connecticut, & a hacker is trying to locate him. The hacker will try to check where has the user read/opened an email? If the user wants the hacker to get the impression that the IP address which accessed the email is currently in Sydeny in Australia, then the user can very easily do it with just a few clicks. 

But his exact location & IP address will not be revealed.

What are the uses, benefits & advantages of using a VPN?

There are many uses which one can thin of. In our day to day life we can use it to save money, for entertainment, online/browsing security, to maintain anonymity while accessing the internet & various reasons.

Below are some of the possible uses of VPN service:-

1) Cheap Flight Tickets. Get the best rates. Always!

You want to book flight tickets. Do you recall the flight ticket rates having almost doubled suddenly since the last time you browsed? Though you checked it a couple of times in past few days. But when you sat down with your card details on the weekend to actually book the flight tickets, the rates shot up.

This happened because the browsing history of your IP address indicated that you could possibly be planning to book flight tickets. This information is accesses by aircraft carriers & automatically the flight ticket rates will be priced higher for you when you actually book the tickets after browsing the ticket booking sites.

2) Data Protection because of VPN:-

No one can gather or collect your data or web browsing activity/info.

VPN service provides increased security due to the anonymity that it provides the user while browsing the internet. If you are making important, critical transactions or exchanging classified information/messages/data, a VPN service ensures that your actual IP address which was used by you for browsing, remains anonymous.

Thus even if a hacker is monitoring the IP address of your residence, he will never get to know your browsing history. Because you used VPN services which enabled you to use an IP address of a remote country/location for all the critical transactions/message or data exchanges

3) Total Anonymity:-

Our browsing histories, activities are tracked all the time. Based on the time that we spend on specific sites, we are shown products or ads by the providers. Hence our browsing history is used by product/service providers to show ads & influence our choices.

If you want to maintain neutrality & remain unbiased while making important decisions or purchases rather than being influenced by the ads of the companies who have the money to run ads but may not be providing top quality service/product then you will appreciate the services of a VPN.

4) Browse Blocked Websites, stream movies. web-series blocked in your region.

Nowadays we have sources of entertainment like web series, seasons & movies which are accessible only via subscription of Amazon, Zee5, Netflix, Hotstar, Molotov, Twitch etc. Many times these web-series could be subjected to geographic filtering i.e they are available only in certain countries or a certain location's viewers are specifically blocked from viewing these programs.

A VPN service helps in bypassing geographic filtering completely & change IP address at will.

For eg. if you don not live in the US or if your IP address is of UK, Germany or France, you cannot watch Netflix US as Netflix US is streamed & available only to viewers currently living in geographical locations based within the United States. But if you are using a VPN service, you can! Even if you are currently based in Italy.

It means a VPN service allows you to shift your IP address to a US based server very easily with a few clicks & your mobile, computer or tablet will be geolocated to US, your preferred location, so that you can access Netflix US.

Using VPN services you can bypass geographic filtering & view blocked channels or play/access games which are available only in the US but not available in the UK or France. A VPN allows you to retrieve the IP address of UK, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, India, Nigeria etc. This is such a huge advantage of a VPN service, is it not?

5) Work from home or abroad during the Chinese Virus or COVID19 or corona virus pandemic?

In the recent times with the corona virus pandemic having engulfed almost the entire 2020, most of the organizations have allowed their employees to work from home. I personally know a friend whose firm has allowed him to work from home if he is within a radius of 30 kms from his office.

A VPN service can be of great use even in these circumstances, if your firm tracks the IP address of employees to make sure that they are around, nearby. Or at least in the same city. 

If it's a case of emergency & you need to visit a relative abroad, then one can use a VPN service to go ahead with the plan of abroad travel. You can use a VPN service & choose a server located near your current residence.

Your IP address will continue to be static at a location near your residence while you will be attending to the family emergency abroad, while taking care of all your official deadlines working from home, abroad using VPN services.

Note:- We do not advocate or encourage such practices. We discourage anything that is wrong, unlawful or unethical. Anyone using VPN to implement the 5th point will be solely responsible for his actions. The intent here is to educate everyone about the utilities & endless possibilities if you use a VPN 

6) VPN protects you from DDoS attack

A DDoS is a Distributed Denial of Service attack. In this the perpetrator or the attacker maliciously tries to make a machine, system or a network inaccessible to its original users by temporarily or permanently disrupting the services of the user connected to the internet. In short, the system gets hacked. 

In this case the hacker attacks the router or source of the internet by saturating the bandwidth making the use of internet by accessing the system almost impossible. If you use a VPN service, your IP address will be totally anonymous & it will be practically impossible to hack your system.

7) Download blocked movies, web-series, games with VPN

There are certain countries in which viewing certain movies, sites or playing games can be completely blocked or deemed unlawful/illegal activity. For eg. countries which have political rivalry could have blocked each other's websites completely.

You can download the blocked content, access blocked games by using VPN services. With a VPN you can choose an IP address of the source country in which viewership of sites/movies is allowed. After this you can watch, download movies, access sites or play games which could be actually blocked in your country of residence for viewing.

Note:- We do not advocate or encourage such practices. We discourage anything that is wrong, unlawful or unethical. Anyone using VPN to implement the 7th point will be solely responsible for his actions. The intent here is to educate everyone about the utilities & endless possibilities if you use a VPN 

Tiktok banned? How to use Tiktok with the help of VPN. India has banned Tiktok & US is planning to ban Tiktok permanently?

Well, this is not a surprise! Or is it? With the Chinese Virus originating from Wuhan China, China's relations with global powers have gone from bad to worse.

China was already involved in a trade war with the US. Now with more & more accusations being hurled at China for the alleged negligence & spread of the COVID19 pandemic, countries like the UK, Australia, the United States & India have openly come out against China, vociferously. 

The US had planned to ban Tiktok permanently, earlier. The final decision on Tiktok ban will be made after the US elections.

How to use Tiktok in India after the ban?

Tiktok along with other apps of Chinese origin are already banned in India. However, one can use Tiktok & other banned apps if you use a VPN. This is because the Tiktok app is still functional in other parts of the world. Only residents of certain locations cannot access it.

Those living in India cannot use Tiktok because the Indian government has banned Tiktok permanently. But if you are living in a country in which Tiktok is not banned then you can use Tiktok. So if you are an Indian & want to login to Tiktok, use a VPN.

You can choose an IP address of a country in which Tiktok is not banned & use all the features of Tiktok.

How to decide which VPN to use? How to choose a VPN?

There are many yardsticks based on which decisions regarding a purchase of a VPN is made by users based on their needs. Most important factors are:-

1) Number of servers & locations covered by the VPN service, worldwide

2) Speed of Internet connectivity offered

I have been browsing, using & done research by testing & using the services of quite a few providers. There are a few VPN services that are priced very less. But that reflects in the poor quality of service which they offer.

Then there are a few VPN services who are over-priced. They charge almost double than what is reasonable.

The VPN service which has been making my life easy is HideMyAss. Thats my preference of a VPN service for now.

HideMyAss VPN. Benefits of Hide My Ass(HMA) VPN - Worldwide:-


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How to use a VPN for FREE? VPN FREE Trials.

There are certain restrictions with the availability of a few VPN services. Some are available globally. Some are not available globally. Some VPN services are only available in certain locations. Some are available only for computer devices. Some VPN's are available for android phones, some are for IPhones.

WebFully VPN FREE Trial. Accessible & available Worldwide.

Note:- We do not advocate or encourage any kind of malpractices. We discourage anything that is wrong, criminal, unlawful or unethical. Anyone using VPN will be solely responsible for his actions. The intent here is to educate everyone about the utilities & endless possibilities if you use a VPN. The author does not encourage, validate or associate with any deed of VPN users